Investors in People Gold

Investors in People Gold

by Maggie Grand on December 5, 2017

Excited and extremely proud to announce ‘Investors in People’ have awarded the Sunnyside team with Gold. Congratulations to our hardworking wonderful team.

The report states:

Sunnyside’s key ambition is to continue to achieve its aims to provide services that will empower individuals to fulfil their potential for their benefit and the benefit of the wider community and environment.

Sunnyside is an organisation led by its values. People are selected based on their values to ensure that people ‘practice what they preach’. The feedback from the survey of trainees conducted by Sunnyside last year confirms this.

It is clear that Sunnyside is an organisation that aspires to be high performing against the principles of the Investors in People Standard. This came through strongly in the online assessment results and in the conversations with all people.

As this was an Essentials assessment then the highest award level that could be attained is Gold.

Please click here for the full report. Sunnyside – report

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