Vision, culture & values


We see what is brilliant about the individual and not the labels they have been given. We want to give people the opportunities to thrive, grow and develop. SRT has a vision of an inclusive community where all people are valued and enriched within a sustainable environment.


SRT has a mission to provide services that will empower individuals to fulfil their potential for their benefit and for the benefit of the wider community and environment.


We value our people and work as a team. We:

  • Listen to each other and show respect.
  • Empower people to reach their goals in a safe environment.
  • Support everyone in a fair and inclusive way.

We have a passionate, “can do” approach to our work. We are:

  • Resilient
  • Creative
  • Dedicated

We care deeply about the environment and offer inventive and sustainable services to the community. We stand for:

  • Quality
  • Enterprise
  • Reliability


SRT aims are:

To provide a comprehensive range of services which enable vulnerable young people and adults with learning disabilities to use their communities and live as independently as possible.
To develop services which support vulnerable young people and adults into employment.
To provide lifelong learning provision.
To ensure we are financially robust and have diverse income streams.
To offer benefit to the local community.
To actively improve our environment especially through growing local food, promoting biodiversity and sustainability.

Strategic Objectives

SRT’s long term strategic objectives are:

To support individuals with learning disabilities to reach their individual goals.
To ensure we support people with their wellbeing and confidence as well as their skill development.
To be financially sustainable including ensuring that SRT Trading is making enough profit to fund our charitable activities.
To offer paid employment to people with learning disabilities.
To offer training and therapeutic activities in our work.
To adapt to change in commissioning.
To develop and maintain a coherent and effective marketing strategy.
To continue valuing and developing our workforce including volunteers, paid staff and trainees. To invest in their wellbeing and skills.
To develop and enhance our Social Enterprises.
To develop and maintain an environmental sustainability strategy.
To have coherent development plans for all SRT sites.
To offer a specialist service for people with Autism and Aspergers.