Welcome to the SRT blog No. 114

26th August 2022 – Welcome to our blog post No.114

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Berkhamsted School visit for weeding and tidying by a Hemel Food Garden team. It’s a large area around the school so sections are tackled each visit.













The last of the honey that was extracted recently has now been sieved and jarred up.






Labelling took place (courtesy of Marc & Jake) and over 86 jars are now available to buy in the Hemel Food garden farm shop. Jim takes over the first batch to the shop.





You all get to know first!

An amazing amount this season – bees have been loving the weather and the flowers! We don’t take it all and now they will be left to increase their winter stores.

Alison & Val were at the Kings Langley monthly market last weekend, selling Sunnyside plants grown at Hemel Food Garden.






The ‘Sunnysidemobile’ cleaning team at work on the buses. Gleaming inside and out.










Recyclers – what a haul collected sorted and now on its way to the recycling down the way.








You saw the re-potting of houseplants – here are the results and splendid display.








Blooming gorgeous hanging baskets outside the Sunnyside Up café & farm shop.









The Activity Centres market stall was out yesterday morning on Berkhamsted High Street as usual – but unusually (well this summer)……. it was raining!








They were ready for ‘flood’ of customers (ooohhhh!)

Rebecca, Hanna & Scott processing the plums that have been harvested from the orchard. A good amount so far.






Luka, Grace & Tim watering the planters in Berkhamsted as part of the regular parish work there.








Annette, Tim, volunteer Anne & Simon working at Coombe Gardens








Then out to Bovingdon tidying and sweeping the footpath.







Lewis uncovered a ‘local’ frog. He would have loved the rain yesterday!








A busy week, out and about, for all.


Daisy & Ola had a turn at cleaning out the chickens at Northchurch.










Action in the field where the Anderson shelter can be found.






A visiting homing pigeon – stayed around for a couple of days this week.









Collecting a bundle of eating apples with Sophie, Daisy & Bismillah. Lots of different varieties mixed together for sale in veg boxes. Soon everyone will be collecting for the annual apple pressing at Chiltern Ridge to produce our wonderful, bottled apple juice.








‘Giddy’ goats – just not interested n what Joe & Jonny were up to – obviously no food on offer!!










Roxy plum picking and then feeding the goats – may be not plums?








Collecting poppy seeds that we give out and spread around the site in Spring.










Catherine loving her giant squash plants.















Just in time for the bank holiday weekend – do enjoy whatever you are up to.

…until next week.