Coronavirus update


We are currently developing Kits for our trainees which will contain various items to grow some seeds at home, and also enjoy various other activities such as some bird spotting, or drawing. These are being sent out as soon as possible.  As we are producing 150 kits it isn’t always possible to design things that will please everyone so we went for a wide range and hopefully there are things for all to enjoy.  There might be a few bits you do not want but which other members of your family will enjoy.

Take a look at more information on the kits via the link below :



Why do people need to wear PPE in Covid-19

From @hertscountycouncil and the please find a link to a youtube video to help people with a learning disability understand why people who help them may be wearing PPE. An alternative means of communication alongside the easyreads available.


There are some really useful websites which provide further information and updates, just click on the links below to find out more:


If you see a Sunnyside bus out and about in Hemel we are working with South Hill Centre providing transport for a volunteer to drop off essential items for the most vulnerable in our community.

If you know someone who is entitled to food bank vouchers please share our facebook post, or if you know someone who is in need of help from the food bank then do get in touch with Ian who is co-ordinating this project on 07943 071350 or email

SUNNYSIDES UPDATE 24th March 2020 Our café at Hemel Food Garden is closed but the shop remains operational for essential items with a personalised service and is open from 10 until 3pm, Monday to Saturday. The shop is also open at our Northchurch site, again for essential items. Please pay by card where possible. Thank you and stay well.

Sunnyside’s response to the Coronavirus situation                             18th March 2020

Dear Trainee,

Following our previous letter sent to you last week, we wanted to provide some reassurance to you regarding the current situation of the coronavirus outbreak.

Sunnyside will remain open, and to enable us to do that and keep everyone as safe and well as possible, we are going to make a few changes. We will be asking you to attend one site only, to avoid cross contamination. This means that if you attend more than one site, for example Hemel Food Garden and the Activity centre, we will ask you to only attend one of these. We will let you know which site you will be attending. Your usual days of attending will not change. This also means transport can continue for now, as there will be one mini bus for each service, and as a number of people are choosing to not come in, there is less people on the buses. This may mean your usual time of pick up may be slightly different to normal, if you use the Sunnyside transport system.

We will be providing vitamin enriched smoothies, to help people to build up their immune systems and stay well. We will continue to work outdoors as much as possible and indoor work will be individually risk assessed and kept under review.

Please keep up to date with Government advice. The latest advice we have received is that paracetamol is the only suitable pain relief. There is a concern than ibuprofen and NSAIDs can make the symptoms of coronavirus more severe.

You are very welcome to stay at home, if you feel this is right for you, and of course if you are unwell or displaying any of the symptoms, then you will need to stay at home. This also is the case if any of the people that you live with are unwell with any of the specific symptoms of a cough, high temperature or find it hard to breathe. If you are not coming in we will phone you once a week to check you are ok, and have all the support you need.

It is very important that we can communicate effectively with everyone, so we will be regularly updating our website and Facebook site. We will also send out regular communications by email, so please could you email us your most up to date email address if you would like to receive these communications. Please email with this.

Our website link is

We may not be able to continue to send out letters individually due to our resources, so the website and communication by email will be the most effective way that we can communicate with everybody.

We really wish everyone good health and please do get in touch if you have any concerns.

Yours sincerely, Keely, Ann & Lynn

Sunnyside Rural Trust, C/o Civic Centre, 161 -163 High Street, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 3HD 01442 863364