The Sunnyside Kits

We have been able to develop our ‘Grow your Own’ and ‘Activity’ kit ideas for our trainees and to go into our food bank parcels and via the Childrens Centre, with help with supplies from Epson (print supplies), Contrac Business Solutions (photocopying), Hertfordshire Community Foundation , Boomerang Office Supplies (stationery), Suttons (seeds), and Capital Gardens (seeds). Thank you.

The reasons behind the kits:

  1. We really appreciate how tough this lockdown will be for many people. We wanted to give people something to do that might make them smile
  2. We want to stay in touch
  3. We want to make sure our trainee don’t forget how to garden so we have created the ‘grow your own kit’.

Send us in your pictures, photos of what you do, letters/emails/Facebook posts. If you send something in we will put it in our gallery on the website and Facebook so you’ll see everyone’s efforts.

  • If you complete the pig/goat/sheep picture(s), please return to us via email to and suggest a name for the animal(s). You can also post them to your usual service.

The Northchurch team will choose the best ones to name the pigs, goats and sheep.

  • The egg box kit is for growing. All you need to do is add water. The seeds are underneath the compost disc. We will support you with this on the blog, on our website so keep a look out for this. We can share growing successes here, as well as sharing tips and ideas.
  • The postcards are for you to be creative and use as you wish. For example, write us a letter, write a poem, do a drawing, or put words down that describe how life is now for you. Again we would love to have these sent back to us, if possible.

We really wish everyone good health and please keep in touch. We will be here when you are ready to return to work.