Welcome to the SRT blog No. 88

11th February 2022 – Welcome to our blog post No. 88

On the right is February’s photo from the SRT calendar. Each month features a Sunnyside volunteer and shows what we do.

Hot off of the press dates for your diary, Sunnyside events:

Hemel Food Garden

May 7th Herb event

May 28th Summer bedding sale


April 9th Grab & Grow veg event

More details to follow


First seeds germinating in the bubble green house at Northchurch






More seeds being sown – look  like peas – watch out the mice don’t find them!






There is more than you think to feeding the chickens






A days work creating a new path and flower beds at the Northchurch recreation ground.











Joe & CJ leading the goats to a new area, which they will gradually, happily munch their way over, clearing as they go. This is done every few months so that the old space is then rested.








Jonny dismantling some boxes to make the new wooden beds ready for the new strawberry plants. This rejuvenates the crop, hopefully producing lots of lovely, juicy fruits in the summer.
















Caterpillars snacking on the spinach plants in the poly tunnel.








Some brilliant label writing ready for the produce bags for the veg boxes this week.








The rose bed at the summer house has had all the roses planted by various trainees over the week – here are Hollie & Michel.








Eyebrows got a letter form the vet after she needed to visit lats week. The letter is addressed to her personally!








Cats that nap together stay together!







Work at the Activity Centre this week by Becca, Mark & Annette included help with the hedge trimming and blowing the leaves from the paths.















Then another team,  including Aisha & Luka, Riz, Becca & Luka on a site tidy up






Working in the fruit area continues – Graham, Luka, Michael S & Sharon.








And Ellen & Sharon, Suru & Michael H.






Cutting back overgrown shrubbery in Bovingdon this week. Heavy work and completed in 2 days. Well done team!















Neatening up the edges for pathways in Bovingdon village. Many local stopped and said thank you.








Dead heading the winter bedding at the Bovingdon memorial Hall.








Wood sawing to produce battoning for the nature trail path – just in the background of the photos. This allows wheelchair access to the fruit tree area.








More ‘true love’ hearts being made for the market stall.












This weeks ‘valentines’ market stall with Becca & Tim.













The beehives at Hemel Food Garden have been checked regularly over the winter and Mike reports that they are doing well. The bees have been out and about in the warmer weather and eating their winter fondant as well. All good signs.








Preparing for the arrival of the bedding plug plants at the end of the month. Manually, adding the pots to the trays with a tray filling speed competition.


Then adding peat free compost to each one…..















only 48,000 to go.








The old chicken run continues with its transformation, creating an accessible pallet garden.






Lots of trainees have been involved in producing the new plant display tables. Smart in grey.











The green team had a very successful litter pick along the canal (would be better if one day it was less successful me thinks!), whilst taking recycling from HFG to Sainsburys to drop off.








The team at the Hub Café, at the Active Dacorum Hub HP2 7BA will be open this Sunday 13th 10 > 3pm for the Fun on the Run event. To enter apex360.co.uk/run

Flyers – Fun on the Run (1)



Until next week……..