Welcome to the SRT blog No. 83

7th January 2022 – Welcome to our blog post No. 83

Happy New Year! It’s 2022

We wave goodbye to 2021 and welcome the New Year. As we unwind from all the excitement of the holidays, it’s fair to say that it might take some adjustment to start back up, but there is still work to be done and the seasonal cycle continues.





On the right this is January’s SRT calendar photo


Sophia making chicken stir fry for one of the lunches this week at the Activity Centre.









Pantry check – perfect time of year for a sort out.







Ellen and Sharon (Ellens one to one) looking after the chutney reduction.







Mark & Annette on the market stall this Thursday – a tad chilly! Yes we still go out at the time of year with Sunnyside ‘goodies’ each week in Berkhamsted.







Adhar, Hanna and Neil did some willow weaving in our woodshed.  They made a valentine willow heart. And some birdfeeders to sell on the market stall next week to help the birds at this time of year . Doesn’t the new woodshed look great inside now- so light & bright as well.















This month it is ‘veganuary’ and the Sunnyside Up Café are straight back in the swing with freshly baked vegan brownies. Later this month it’s sticky toffee pudding day (no joking, there’s a day for everything it seems) so they plan to make some mini versions.








Ashley working in the bakery, following a recipe for Jack’s (at Northchurch) leaving loaf.















Wherever she goes, they go. Val on a recycling walk with a sprout stick! Recycling other peoples litter along the canal.





With some time for the ‘other’ jobs HFG took to some of the cleaning jobs

Joanne giving the Bakery a deep clean after Christmas!








Purple team doing a great job cleaning and organising the tool container.









Joe collecting the eggs – the cold weather, low light levels and wet affect how many eggs are lain at this time of year as our hens are still free ranging.









Taylor filling up the water bowls.









Joe & Charlie getting wood chip ready for the ground in the chicken orchard.








James helping to clean out the fish pond near to the mess room at Northchurch.









And decorating some pine cones.









Maggie and Steph in the shop checking stock.







The Covid cleaning rota continues, James’ turn.









Keep warm and enjoy the sunshine when it shows itself!