Welcome to the SRT blog No. 82

23rd December 2021 – Welcome to our blog post No. 82

Sarah at Northchurch put out a big thankyou to all the team via ‘pick your own playlist ‘ on Zoe Balls Breakfast Show BBC Radio2, Monday 20th.

Go to https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0012qpn at approx. 2.34.50 into the programme, to hear the shout out and the great music! Even Sam the dog got a mention.









The Northchurch team really do get ‘stuck in’. Here are Val with James, Gillian, Bismillah, Amanda & Joe tidying the compost because it’s too muddy for Nigel to work there with the tractor.






The hot compost pile is steaming nicely.

Charlie, Ellie & Taylor are clearing weeds from between polytunnels 6&7, ahead of some the winter job list.








David wheeling the results to  the compost heap.

Work on the caravan decking continues – taking shape now and will be quite large.











And one of the afternoon activities saw the team making Christmas decorations from pine cones to take home – all a glitter!








The animals need extra feed from the team at this time of year as the natural habitat has stopped growing, but the goats don’t stop eating!






The traditional Christmas breakfasts of bacon sarnies. I can smell them here (I wish!)






Joe, Jack & Catherine feeling Christmassy! Happy Christmas all.









Hemel Food Garden received a donation of stackable office chairs from Osbornes – always put to good use. A *BIG* Sunnyside thank you!






A cold & frosty day on Wednesday so what’s better than eating marshmallows around a bonfire after hot chocolate with cream a Christmas carols.








Even the cats retreated to somewhere warm.








The brussels were ready to pick and are for sale in the farm shop








Monday’s  Winter solstice was celebrated at the Sunnyside Up café, baking special biscuits…….
























….. ‘infused with love, light and positive energy!’


Happy Christmas all


This weeks leaf raking of the driveway at the Activity Centre by Jacob, Joe, Michael and Sharon (Michaels one to one).








Out in Bovingdon the AC team with Clare & Simon, were cleaning and sanding benches.














Roxy & Michael preparing planters for planting for the main office.








Oh the concentration is palpable








Christmas dinner in good hands – Sophia & Michael preparing the bounty of veg. Enjoy!






Happy Christmas all from the Activity Centre








Only 1 sleep to go and then it’s……

……Christmas Day

Seasons Greeting to everyone and Happy New Year!

Enjoy the break if you are off and stay warm!





Here’s a Christmas quiz to have a go at:

  1. Where did the Christmas tree originate from?
  2. What is a tree with fake snow called?
  3. How many gifts were given in total in ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ song?
  4. What colour are mistletoe berries?
  5. What is the most popular Christmas plant in the UK?
  6. How many Christmas puddings are sold in the UK on average?
  7. What is the name of the famous festive song sung by Mariah Carey?
  8. Which country donates the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square?
  9. Who invented the Christmas cracker?
  10. Where does the name Boxing Day come from?
  11. When was Christmas first celebrated in the UK?
  12. How many tips do traditional snowflakes have?
  13. What is the most popular Christmas tree topper ornament?
  14. According to UK traditions, when should Christmas decorations come down?
  15. Where does the tradition to hang gifts on the Christmas tree come from?
  16. How many doors can you open on an advent calendar?
  17. Who wrote A Christmas Carol?
  18. What fizzy drink has a lit up Christmas lorry which says ‘Holidays are Coming’?
  19. What fruit is usually placed in stockings?
  20. Who bought the Christmas tree to England?
  21. What is the main ingredient to a traditional Christmas dinner?
  22. What is the most popular Christmas tree in the UK?
  23. What was the first Christmas tree decoration?
  24. When do the 12 days of Christmas start?
  25. Which country are the McCallisters going on holiday when they leave Kevin behind in Home Alone?
  26. Stollen is the traditional fruit cake of which country?
  27. How many real Christmas trees are sold each year UK?
  28. What does holly represent?
  29. 29. Before being developed into a toy, how did Elf on the Shelf begin?
  30. Which accessory do you add to the base of your Christmas tree to hide the stand or trunk?
  31. Aside from a fireplace mantel, where is the most popular place to use a Christmas garland in the home?
  32. Which country invented glass baubles?

Answers in the link: