Welcome to the SRT blog No. 80

10th December 2021 – Welcome to our blog post No. 80

Back at the end of September we were visited at Hemel Food Garden by Sophie, who had been commissioned to make a series of podcasts for the Marlowes Centre.  Marlowes Talk explores the local community in Hemel Hempstead and shines a spotlight on charities and organisations.

She was with us all morning and talked to trainees and staff about what we do at Sunnyside, which she condensed down to roughly 20minutes of listening.

Here are the links – enjoy!  https://marlowestalk.podbean.com/e/sophie-visits-the-sunnyside-rural-trust/







Pictures of some of the lovely  Sunnyside Christmas wreaths and decs available at our farmshops, on the right


The Christmas vibe is really being felt on all the Sunnyside sites. Busy, busy in the bakery at Hemel Food Garden making mince pies galore!!








The brilliant wooden Christmas tree display has been stocked up with Sunnyside made decorations all for sale in the farmshop.








We also now have our Sunnyside made Christmas wreaths for sale. Jodies just giving them the final once over, quality check! These will be on display in the glass house café.








Good team effort giving the buses a clean up. Cold but always fun.























Great team effort on the allotments topping up the rest of the beds with compost ready for next years growing – love the no dig method!








A team were out in the old town litter picking.






Rebecca dancing along to Christmas music with her *new* mop









The Activity Centre team were up in Bovingdon cleaning signs (Michael & Lewis) and planting 1500 bulbs – now that is a job!














They had some help by using a scanner to check for cables and pipes – and there were plenty around. Plus, the auger to make the holes. This means the bulbs are deep enough to repeat flower year after year and keeps them toasty for winter, 4-6inches underground.






Next Spring there will be beautiful swathes of daffodils and crocus.

Jacob, Ray, Luka and Louise on this weeks market. The tables are simply groaning with Sunnyside homemade products.






Snowmen made by the AC trainees from the coppiced wood this year, only £7.50 and available from the farmshops and Thursday market stall.














Simon, Becca, Michael and Quasi working on the path.













You can just about see Aisha in her super outfit – making & finishing off the pizza.





Scott & Becca gently removing the lavender seeds from this years crop to make lavender bags.







Northchurch team continuing with the decking project. Doesn’t seem quite right at this time of year. But will be lovely next year in the sun!






Joe helped Catherine take seeds out of chillies so they can save the seeds to grow next year.








This included some of the Peruvian varieties. This is Rocoto Manzano and the seeds are black!

The rest of the chilli harvest goes to the Activity Centre for making into all sorts of goodies. Thanks Suvi & Ian!








Some were saved back for the veg box customers and also they are borrowing Zoe’s dehydrator to see if they can make their own dried herbs and chilli flakes. Wish them luck!







Lee helping out with taking pallets apart for the next bit of fencing by the shop.








Christmas puddings have been super popular and are now sold out at the NC farmshop. Awaiting some stock from AC.








Chloe, well prepared for the stormy weather with rain jacket and hat. Nothing will stop her.








Christmas cupcakes made by Sean’s mum. What a treat. Zoe was really looking forward to sharing these out with all the team. No photos of them eating team – they went rather quickly!! A BIG Sunnyside thank you.









The Sunnyside Wreath event at Hemel Food Garden was a great success. Lots of  super wreaths were produced during the morning and afternoon session. Thanks to all who joined us.













We do this every year around this date, so if you are interested to hear before everyone else, drop me a line at publicity@sunnysideruraltrust.org.uk and I will add you to the preview list.

Yesterday we were at Asda Watford collecting for Sunnyside, as part of their community work. I’m still counting the pennies & notes! I even persuaded a lady to adopt 2 piggies for friends as Christmas presents – what a great idea. Just drop me a line for details.

Here’s Tanya in the Christmas mood.









Have a great week!