Welcome to the SRT blog No. 5

22nd May 2020 – Welcome to our blog post No. 5

Wow hasn’t the weather been amazing this week – who would have thought mid-May would be hitting 27o!

So lots of watering going on to keep all the plants well hydrated – hope your seedlings are coming along nicely. You may even be pricking them out and potting them on into bigger pots now?

Here are a couple pictures…..and a new gallery https://www.sunnysideruraltrust.org.uk/?p=675&preview=true


Jodie Thompson has sown her seeds             Mark Kissanes beans head to the sky!


The Activity Centre want to say hello and have a message for everyone this week.


Some trainees have been back to Hemel Food Garden and working on the allotment areas which are coming alive! Social distancing can be maintained. See the video – on one of the windy days.


We have planted the majority of the beds and have many more veggy plants waiting in the polytunnel for the right time and opportunity to get in the ground. The team have done a great job of weeding and prepping for the next lot of planting so by mid June every bed should be filled with at least it’s first crop for this season. Our potato patch has got itself nicely established now too with, hopefully, bountiful desiree potatoes. The digester has been very grateful for the increase in food supply from grass clippings and donations and is steadily creating methane for cooking.


We have had more photos sent in of your animal pictures coloured in and named – so I have updated the gallery and added another. Click on the links below.





We have put together another kit which you will receive very soon from the team.

This pack is a little bit different. We would love you to have your very own tea party and have put together a ‘pack in a box’ of party games and the main ingredients to bake your own hedgehog bread rolls and carrot cup cakes (The Mayor of Dacorum’s favourite).


There is a page of bunting for you to decorate in, then cut out and string up, plus other activities for you to enjoy. There is enough for 6 guests.

Who would you invite if you were not in lockdown?

We hope you enjoy this fun pack and have some success with the baking. Do send us lots of photos of your ‘tea party’ and tell us what you got up to. To Dawn via e mail: publicity@sunnysiderurltrust.org.uk

Have fun and remember we miss you all very much!

Take care from everyone at Sunnyside