Welcome to the SRT blog No. 4

15th May 2020 – Welcome to our blog post No. 4 – cup of tea at the ready I hope….

Here are some photos of trainees and what they are up to at home from the last couple of weeks

                                                                                           Flowers by Ella Curran….with matching hat.

Katie Spence and her germinated seedbombs






Henry Hammond and his completed artwork for the gallery
Joe Aggs raised beds are filling up





Gemma at work at home.. oh and soaking up the suns rays!

What have you been doing in lockdown? Do send in some photos to publicity@sunnysideruraltrust.org.uk as the more I get I can add to a new gallery.


The teams have been making some short videos to keep you in touch and say hello – take a look



Hope you have enjoyed your colouring in packs, and do keep sending photos of your finished pictures to publicity@sunnysideruraltrust.org.uk with a name for the animal, so I can add to the Tate Sunnyside Gallery. Take a look at those we have so far



Don’t forget we would also love to see photos of your seedlings as they grow.

And here’s a message for you all from some of the team … coloured in of course!

Keep an eye out for our next Mailchimp to let you know what kit we are putting together for you next. This may come earlier than Friday next week.