Welcome to the SRT blog No. 3

8th May 2020 – Welcome to blog post No. 3 – cup of tea at the ready I hope….

You should now have had our ‘Grow your Own’ and the ‘Art Activity’ kit delivered. How are you getting on? Any seeds germinating yet? Any ‘Van Gogh’ artworks being created?

The reasons behind the kits:

  1. We really appreciate how tough this lockdown will be for many and we wanted to give you something to do that might make you smile.
  2. We want to stay in touch
  3. We want to make sure you won’t forget how to garden so we created the ‘grow your own’ kit.

Send us in your pictures, photos of what you do, letters / emails  (publicity@sunnysideruraltrust.org.uk).  If you send something we will add it to our gallery on the website blog, so will see everyone’s efforts.


  • If you complete the pig / goat / sheep picture(s), please return to us via the e mail above and suggest a name for the animal(s). You can also post them to your normal service.
  • The Northchurch team will choose the best ones to give names to the pigs, goats and sheep.
  • The egg box kit is for growing. All you need to do is add water. The seeds are underneath the compost disc.  We can share growing success here, as well as sharing tips and ideas. If you missed last weeks link to Zoes video here it is:
  • The postcards are for you to be creative and use as you wish. For example, write us a letter, write a poem, do a drawing, or put words down that describe how life is now for you. Again we would love to have these sent back to us, if possible.

Hope you have fun and enjoy having a go


It’s that time of year and Mike has been doing some compost ‘Administration’ which, basically means turning the compost over with the digger. Looking and smelling sweet – the compost that is.

Clearly enjoying himself a bit too much!?

Now we have got loads of very nutrient rich compost to put on the allotments and flowerbeds to get those fruit and veg growing well!


Even the chickens at Hemel Food Garden want to say hello… we’re all missing you.

But the animals at Northchurch wanted to show you what they have been up to, to keep themselves entertained.