Welcome to the SRT blog No. 144

21ST April  2023 – Welcome to our blog post No.144

This is me signing off for a while – it’s the busy time with the plants so the blog will be on hold for a while.


Fun in the sun yesterday at the Hemel Food Garden mud kitchen next to the café for Lorenzo & Alice.

The outside contract team were over at Brakespeare school. Super edging by Sean and first timers – Ryan & Josephs.

Sean mowing at Chipperfield allotments – very proud of the straight lines he achieved.


Summer bedding plants, troughs and hanging baskets all potted up and settling in nicely. This sunny weather gets them off to a great start.

Niall makes a one-man attempt to clear he compost by lunchtime.

Over at Berkhamsted School the team were tackling the sycamore seedlings.

David & Joe ‘sitting down’ on the job!

A new bakery floor was laid this week – beautiful.


Baking a drenched lemon drizzle cake at the Activity Centre.

Aylesbury plum blossom looking great in the sun. This is what it took to get this shot & angle…

Potting up tree saplings

Aisha out netting fruit bushes

The Hilton Group were volunteering this week – putting up fruit cages. Keith & Michael T sweeping up afterwards.

A lovely day on the Berkhamsted market stall for Sophia, Suvi & Michael T.

Gorgeous Sunnyside grown flowers.


Charlie collecting eggs from the new chicken shed at Northchurch.  Daisy & Fatima washing the eggs and the chickens are roaming again…


Last week team lemon were out choosing their perfect lemon tree which will be kept and raised in the newly refurbished greenhouse.

Catherine planting and ‘levitating’ with Bismillah.

Jonny, David and Joe resting after a busy day.

Lots of painting projects underway – plant supports and the last of the handmade planter boxes by Greg, Simon and Chloe.

Lee with the new duck house.

Beautiful wood projects underway.

Michael and Bismillah at St Peters Berkhamsted.


Joining the litter pick in Kimble with Harry, Gillian, James & Taylor.

Wendy & Graham preparing signs for the event at Northchurch on Saturday. The marquee has gone up!


The Grab ‘n’ Grow event at Northchurch on Saturday 22nd April 10 to 2pm. Upper Allotments, New Road, #Northchurch. HP4 1NJ.

Sam love.


Have a great weekend….