Welcome to the SRT blog No. 140

17th March 2023 – Welcome to our blog post No.140


The Theatre Shed were at Hemel Food Garden last week and the team joined in enthusiastically. Great fun had by all.

Amazing bakery team making for the St.Patrick’s day celebrations on Friday. Find the ‘gold’. Lemon and redcurrant layer cake and chocolate chip orange cupcakes!

Katie has been working hard on her barista skills the last couple of weeks.

Great team litter picking and planting up containers for Ukraine with yellow ad blue perennials. Artistic fun created with fallen tree bark. Seans.

Mumma & bubba egg laying this week…..


The Northchurch team have been refurbishing vintage wooden handled garden tools and this week were burnishing the wood with their own wax. Available to buy from the Northchurch farm shop £20 each or x2 for £35.

Kian and Chris egg cleaning. More have been gathered form the chickens this week. Ian, Fabris, Kian and Charli strimming and tidying up the play area at the Northchurch recreation area.

Daisy, Hollie, Sam, Dan , Jonny , Nina and Chloe busy preparing compost and seed sowing.


The dinner bell has been rung!

Georgie, Matthew, Sarah and Bismillah laying woodchips at the hockey club at Cowroast.

Card making in the craft group.

The Lemon project group have been learning how to calculate times tables with potatoes. There weren’t quite enough so Zoe created some more – power! Warning – really slow mooootion!


The Activity Centre’s, ‘Bovingdon weeding crew’ on Tuesday were deadheading, pruning roses and tidying up.

Simon, Nicola & Ed get stuck into phormium, pruning with Mark whose hoeing and helping tidy up. The bus stuffed with all the pruning’s and clippings.

Stump removal in the rain – thanks to Trevor and Alex for their persistence.

Lovely Mothers Day gifts on the Thursday market stall this week at Berkhamsted.


Aisha & Diana labelling jars.

Becca, Simon, Noreen and Lewis litter picking in Bovingdon.

Sophia, Becca, Jim, Michael H making lunch.

Noreen, Niall and volunteer Anne making the scones and jammy heart biscuits for the market.


Have a great weekend….

…until 2 more weeks as I am away next week.