Welcome to the SRT blog No. 138

3rd March 2023 – Welcome to our blog post No.138

Simon sent through his photo of the robin, checking out what was going on, whilst the team were working in the allotment space at the Activity Centre.


Northchurchs pot painting fun craft group work this week.

James feeding the goats and getting the pigs bedding ready.

Christian mastering the art of milk frothing in the Northchurch cafe.

The perennial plants in the courtyard have had the annual trim as growth springs into life.

Loading up ready for tree planting on an outside contract.

Seed sowing continues.

Team ‘lemon’ working on geometry with Catherine leading. Symmetry and mirroring. Working toward being able to do designs and artwork in the greenhouse.

Little Gaddesden litter pick crew out and about in the sunshine – teamwork with Beth, Georgie, Simon, Jonny B and Christian.

This friendly fellow came to say hello, And they came across some new lambs.

Chloe and Maggie are not so ‘secret shoppers’ in the farm shop & café.


Becca potting up jam at the Activity Centre.

Michael S and Sharon adding to the compost heap.

Annette, Neil, Clare and Michael T weeding in the fenced allotment.

The team work at Gateway Gardens and this time it was the turn of Annette and Ed to tidy up after winter. Annette and volunteer Lesley tidying up the phormium.

Ed and Annette spring cleaning the Sunnyside bus.

Lots of wildlife when clearing the allotment including these smooth newts. Ed strimming during an allotment clearance contract job today.

Pallet breaking and maths

Beautiful dumplings and stew served by Sophia for lunch one day.

Volunteer Clare, Noreen and Sophia on the Berkhamsted market yesterday.


Thank you to the builders and official opening of the new office space at Hemel Food Garden. The builders gave materials and their time free. The new space is amazing.

A *BIG* Sunnyside Thank you to Horohoe.

Great quizzing in the greenhouse.

Multiply – movement and maths with Farida over at Hemel Food Garden with trainees from HFG & The Activity Centre.


A beautiful morning rainbow.


Have a great weekend….


…until next week.