Welcome to the SRT blog No. 137

24th February 2023 – Welcome to our blog post No.137

Non-singers, shy singers and hairbrush divas all welcome!  Free activity.

Recognising that every voice is as beautifully unique and valuable to the whole group as everyone else’s. These sessions will be a chance for parents & carers to have a chance to sing, socialise and have some time to be in a supportive group together.

Songs are taught by ear, layering up harmony sounds, quickly learned by the whole group together. Previous experience of singing is not necessary. There are no wrong or right notes, no sheet music used, and no solos expected just a willingness to join in and give it a go!

Some benefits of singing: 

  • Improve breathing, posture, muscle tension and physical
  • Stimulates cognitive function through learning new songs.
  • The shared experience of singing together gives a sense of community.
  • Reduces stress hormone levels, improving emotional wellbeing.

Sessions will last an hour, including some warmup exercises and a variety of songs. Sessions will be held every Thursday for a 4-week trial period (with a view to continuing after Easter). It’s not necessary to commit to all sessions, but regular attendance is recommended to get the full benefits! There will be time at the end to chat & socialise. Refreshments will be available from the onsite café.

The Active Dacorum Hub is based at: Sports Pavilion, Redbourn Road, Hemel Hempstead HP2 7BA. Plenty of parking is available.

For more information and to book a place, please email: farida@sunnysideruraltrust.org.uk

Internal singing with SRT poster


Great work by a team from Hemel Food Garden over in Watford for some outside contracts we have. Last week the week the weather was good enough for a picnic lunch break. And Sam’s famous duck impression!


Working at Berkhamsted School. Compost clearing, planting and new border and George wrangling with another tree root.

Pancake making, tasting and flipping in the bakery.

Garden work at Brakespeare School this week.

Clearing the path (with post clearance ices) ready for Chris to lay the concrete which has had a visitor –

spot the…..

…..cats pawprints.

More signs of Spring.


The Wednesday raking team at Northchurch – Daisy & Sarah.

James, Charlie, David, Junior and Michael moving bark chippings to lay on paths around site.

Michael & Sarah completing their projects this week with The Repair Shed team (Stuart & Roger). Robin nest boxes this time.

James was helping Zoe with some health & safety checks – fencing are smooth, secure and level. All good.

And then put-up whiteboards in the polytunnel for adding the work and watering schedules.

The team were back out in Cow Roast carrying out the next preparation stage ready for wild flower seeding.

James, Junior & Wendy wood chipping around the veg beds this time.

The lemon team continue with their ‘Multiply’ work – coins today.

Sarah has messaged with something she is involved with at the moment and wanted to share as she is trying to spread the word as much as she can.“Recently, I have sung with the Royal School of Church Music as I was one of nearly 30 singers singing an original song (called The Mountains Shall Bring Peace) for the King’s coronation.However, the school is trying to share the song (the release date is going to be announced later). So, if you can, please share this link on all social media platforms under the hashtag #SingForTheKing.

The link will also share updates about the song from now until it’s released and it’s available to pre-order. Many thanks ☺️https://www.rscmshop.com/features/sing-for-the-king


Luka tidying up after Noreen the bramble wranglers been at work at the Activity Centre.

The blueberry bushes have been moved ready to go somewhere where they will have a better chance of fruiting.

Root removal at Coombe Gardens. The team tackled it with gusto.

Adhar on the market stall this week – the drizzle faded away after the sun dance.

Compost turning and removal for use. Break time at A.C.

Michael S, Neil, Sharon and Paul preparing lunch.

The ‘Multiply wall board & time telling display.

A team from ABC in Berkhamsted joined the A.C. for the morning and worked with the team laying new mypex in the fruit growing area. Well done to all and Luka and Noreen.

Ohhhh!! The strength of the woman….!


This week it was pancake day – how many did you eat on the night?

Great fun for all.


Have a great weekend….


…until next week.