Welcome to the SRT blog No. 11

3rd July 2020 – Welcome to our blog post No. 11

Look how tall the Hemel Food Garden runner beans are. How are yours coming along – do send photos to Dawn on publicity@sunnysideruraltrust.org.uk.






Social distancing – what does it mean and look like?

If you are coming back to Sunnyside Hemel Food Garden, Mike has taken some photos and explains what we are doing to help everyone understand and remind us all what ‘social distancing’ means.

There’s the 2m circle. If you stand around the edge and one stands in the middle this is what 2ms feels like.

The silver line with the feet either end is used as a reminder for individuals.











The tables are spaced out for breaks with 1 person per table.



All staff with groups now wear hi vis and trainees also wear hi vis corresponding to their group leader’s colour

Breaks and meals are now taken either in the mess room or the summer house so there aren’t too many people in one area.

Everyone is reminded to wash hands at break times and all touch points are cleaned 3 times a day.

We will still work to 2m distancing as this helps to maintain at least the 1m distance between all at work.


Oh and when we use the buses we are wearing masks – guess who….



Michelle planting her sunflower and Chloe’s is looking snug in its pot









Meadow flowers are blooming at Northchurch ,





whilst other areas have more landscaping work going on






And they are selling bedding plants at the NorthChurch Farmshop


The Summer house garden at Hemel Food Garden is having a make-over with Hampton Court perennial planting preparation


Everyone at the Activity Centre have been doing a lot of fruit picking and tending of the tomato and herb plants this week – here are Rebecca Campbell and Chris Brow at work.








Happy Birthday to James Doe – the big 40 was celebrated last weekend with a lockdown ‘buffet’.






Congratulations James, from all at Sunnyside!


Do keep sending me photos we love to see what you have been up to at home too:


Have a good week!