Welcome to the SRT blog No. 105

24th June 2022 – Welcome to our blog post No. 105

This week meet Natasha, Cafe and Farm Shop Manager for Hemel Food Garden.

‘’I have worked in hospitality for 10 years and I’m so excited for this new challenge. When I’m not at work I like to spend time with my family and friends, especially going on days out with my 3 year old son’’






Raving rhubarb hats yesterday at the Activity Centre, ready for the market stall later on in the morning. Fresh as fresh.






Michael, Mark and Lynn on the market stall – spot the rhubarb.






Suru, Annette, Clare and Tony picking fruit in the sunshine in the fruit cage. Will they sell it or make it into jam?















Pyramidal orchids by the summer house at Northchurch.








With the hot weather last week the team were doing some crafts for Fathers Day.






All the animals are well watered, fed and cared for especially when it’s hot. Sam finds some shade.
















The piggies have a muddy pond that’s topped up regularly. This is the way to keep cool on a scorcher of a day – in a piggie way! The mud is like a sun tan lotion and helps protect their skin from the suns rays.


Last few jobs before the café was opened this week. Gillian and Courtnie working together to attach the flower box to the shop bike. The gate and fencing has been finished off – great work everyone.












*NEW* The Northchurch Farm Shop Café is ready and open to customers with new indoor space and some outside seating.Barista coffee, selection of teas and cakes are now available so do pop in and say hello to the team who are all trained up and ready to serve. Sam will let you in!






Louis teaching Courtnie how to froth milk with the old washing up liquid practise trick. Ellie and Lisa working in the new café / farm shop space.








The weekly harvest underway – more rhubarb. Cabbage and it looks like the garlic is ready to be dug up. Tomatoes coming along nicely and picking strawberries – I can smell their aroma now. Where’s the cream?
























An ‘interesting’ job this week – sprucing up the composting toilet!!!!! More people than you think helped out on this one.
















Catherine checking out the view!











Time together after work at Hemel food Garden to celebrate the summer solstice.






Lucy ready to pick up leaves and pine needles.










Second yoga session in the tranquility area on the hottest day of the year so far!


















Before and after shots of more garden work for Watford Mencap.













Water fun in the sun.









Rebecca having a great time watering the plants over the weekend after the scorcher last Friday, whilst at work last Saturday.











A great day at the Serge Hill NGS Open Gardens in Bedmond last Sunday. Lots of interest in the Orchard Plant Library which is great resource for garden designers and is looking amazing. There were over 600 visitors and many bought Sunnyside produce, perennial plants and ate lots of cake! If you missed it pop it into your diary for next year – it’s a super afternoon out to see beautiful gardens – Kate Stuart-Smith & Tom Stuart-Smith.






Huge thanks also to all the volunteers who made the day fly by, to Millie Souter plant library and to all those behind the scenes at Sunnyside who grew, whisked up and stirred to produce the great array of plants and produce to sell.  Some of the photos on the right.

Have a great weekend….

…until next week.