Welcome to blog post No. 53

14th May 2021 – Welcome to our blog post No. 53 

Something special came in this week from Ieva – HFG Project Worker who moved over to Norway to continue her studies. But she’s back now….. 

Message: ” Here is a little video I made for all of you guys with some highlights of my study-journey in Norway now that I have safely arrived back home. As you can see I managed to enjoy some winter as well as summer activities in between my studies. Skiing really is the best! Although ice-cold swimming is another of my favourites! I wrote this song and also thought about all of you guys! I think you might like the melody! Can’t wait to see you all! ” Ieva 


Matt was at Northchurch over the weekend and had the sheep out to graze in front of the shop. The turfs lain a few months ago have taken really well and needed ‘mowing’. Hope they did a good job, but you may not see any straight lines.. 






Matt then took Sam over to Wendover woods for a long walk and has a lovely photo to share of the bluebells that are now flowering in the woodlands. 

The pond was been filling up a bit more yesterday with all the rain but it’s a bit murky to see what has taken up residence so a young frog was introduced with a careful helping hand. 

The first step, in the pond has now been planted out (bit murky after the disturbance) and the bog garden started on the other side. Wonder who got to wear the waders? 







Catherine took these photos on one of the nice sunny days this week – the irises in the inner courtyard are about to ‘pop’. They will be a lovely bright purple colour. 








The strawberry polytunnel has been weeded and lots of green strawberries are taking shape nicely. A few more weeks of sun and they will be ripe. These were planted into the ground over winter so we now have a permanent fruit tunnel. 

A baby toad was unearthed on Monday. They like to hide in the soil and he was moved to somewhere safe and suitable. 






Slightly more unusual animal or rather bird has taken up residence at Northchurch – a homing pigeon – spot the rings on its leg. Hope it goes soon – it’s probably last in the race by now! 


A BIG job was completed at the Activity Centre this week. The polytunnel has been skinned, it was all hands to the deck for this. The team have continued to tension the skin against the polytunnel frame, attaching the netting and cutting ventilation holes, allowing the air to flow through when its needed. 



























At the start of the week they planted onions, potatoes and a variety of peas. With the continual showers and rays of sun these are already starting to sprout!








The mainframe for the new woodshed is well underway.







It’s starting to take shape. 


Wow – just look at the bakery. Looking ready to start soon. 











The cats have arrived and are now at home in the repurposed shed. 







Gemma is serving the new cake – white chocolate and rose flavoured blondie. Have a try! 

Hanging baskets being planted up with new bedding plants for a customer order. 






We are now taking orders so if you would like one Pop into the Hemel Food Garden and decide on your size and plants from our great selection. Limited availability. REFILL OFFER if you have your own basket AND liner why not get a refill. Prices are £1.50 per 1” diameter size just pop down, choose what you want in it and leave it with us for a later collection.   

Did you know our hanging baskets also go to care homes and parish councils. 

It’s pizza Friday so the dough is being prepared just in time. 






The chickens arrived back next to the allotment last week, are very happy and have been very busy! 53 eggs were collected on Monday after the weekend!







Everyone is also very happy to have them back – lots of love happening. 













A team were tasked with having a bit of a sort out in the hangar this week – and had a bit of fun…. 












…..nice pins everyone!