Welcome to the SRT Blog

24th April 2020 – Welcome all to our first blog post….

A lot of you are stuck at home, not able to come to work at Sunnyside, so to help you keep your gardening skills up to scratch we are putting together a ‘grow your own veg’ kit for you to start and with these, ‘art’ kits for you to work on straight away. Keep a look out for these as we will be dropping them off to you. We hope you enjoy them.

We hope to have more than we need so we will also be offering them to a children’s centre, including them in the food bank parcels and sending out to other vulnerable groups.

Let us know how you get on and send me photos so that we can feature on the blog in the  future. publicity@sunnysideruraltrust.org.uk


Kealey has been looking after the staff members by making fruit and veg smoothies as a vitamin and energy boost. They have been incredibly delicious and healthy too. Here is a recipe for 1 litre of immune-boosting smoothie.

Keep healthy!

1 orange, 2 handfuls of frozen fruit of choice, 1 banana, 1 carrot

1 tbsp of ginger, ½ tbspn of turmeric, 250ml of orange juice

250 ml of oat milk/coconut milk

Blitz in a blender and enjoy!


These are some of the wild seed bombs which we made for Mothers Day. We did a small experiment with them and are now successfully growing wildflowers on our window sill. Let’s see how much time does it takes for them to flower?