Welcome to the SRT blog No. 93

18th March 2022 – Welcome to our blog post No. 93

Did you know that yesterday the day was as nearly as long as the night!

Here’s what the cockerel at Northchurch had to say about it!


The Activity Centre have taken over an extra piece of coppice area so they have begun to clear it of brambles to be able to work around it more easily. Annette & Adhar hard at work.








Group piccie of Lewis, Luka, Noreen and Becca enjoying the sun!









Roxy, MichaelS, Sharon, Aisha, Colleen, Scott and making bath bombs.















Kwasi, Becca, Michael H, Annette and Charlotte working on an outside contract in Berkhamsted.





Annette, Becca and Michael H working at the outside contract







Michael H, Sophia, Ellen and Sharon, Suru making pizza for lunch.















And true love biscuits for the market stall









Birthday girl Sharon handing out cake with Suru’s help. Happy Birthday Sharon!






Neil, Tim and volunteer Clare on the market. Tim was 70 years young yesterday! Happy Birthday Tim!










At Northchurch the teams have been pricking out and potting the veg seedlings. It’s going super well with only 3 weeks to go before the event on the 9th April. Everything is growing well and looking really healthy







Next to the courtyard the perennial garden has been dug out and the new paths are being filled in with type 1 with a self-binding gravel added on top.








The West Herts volunteer team have made a start on filling it in – they really enjoyed themselves

The poly tunnel signs are being revamped for the event.








The work in Northchurch continues on the path. The edges are all in, the base material compounded and the top layer goes in.






Gillian, Chloe and Ian cleaning and painting the chickens feeder units.














Harry helping out as well.








It’s Matts turn to feed the chickens. Whilst Charlie and the chickens enjoy the sun.








So many eggs have been lain that Lee had to improvise!









At Hemel Food garden the bedding contract is well underway.



















The bakery team had loads on this week. Weighing out the flour was ….this close to perfect.








Kneading the pizza dough in a stress relieving way.






Sweet treats for the volunteers day last weekend and the dough was for the pizza lunch provided for their hard work on the pond area.








Adding the ‘secret’ shamrock in the lemon and lime cake for St.Patrick’s Day, selling in the Sunnyside Up cafe.






Chocolate banana loaf and vegan lime and coconut cake – all to sell in the café








Guinness chocolate cake for St. Patricks Day. What a fantastic array of cakes.










12th March was pond clearing day. Hemel Food Garden invited all the HFG volunteers down to help clean the pond in the tranquility space.
















Finishing off the pond. Thanks to all the volunteers and friends of volunteers who helped out!

New addition to the pond.







And watch this space on updates about the changes to the look and the menu at the Apex cafe at The Active Dacorum Hub.

Until next week……..