Welcome to the SRT blog No. 9

19th June 2020 – Welcome to our blog post No. 9

Lots of  lovely rain brings out the other wildlife. The slugs & snails suddenly all emerge in the wet so keep an eye out for them on your seedlings / plants as they may want a feast.


We have been able to send out kits for sunflower growing to the trainees not able to make it to a Sunnyside site at the moment.







The Activity Centre have also still been busy with foodbank deliveries almost every afternoon and have stretched across the Dacorum region including Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted, Tring, Bovingdon, Kings Langley and others. We have been averaging about 40-50 deliveries a week.


At Hemel Food Garden the bees have been buzzy. We took our first super of the season off last week and we are extracting the honey this week with more to come soon after.







The digester has had a good regular food supply now that there is a lot more green matter from weeding and grass cutting etc and it is ticking over nicely.

Bedding Contract all 60,000 plants have now been delivered and potted up and DBC have collected their order so keep an eye out around Dacorum for Sunnysides plants.






Orders for over 50 hanging baskets have been received from both private and corporate clients.

Perennial plants continue to be selling well from the shop. Jules has been busy nurturing plants both at HFG and Bedmond. The unusually hot weather has meant that the watering is a daily requirement both for the perennial and annual plants, including at weekends. But maybe not yesterday!







We are still receiving photos from you letting us know what you are doing. Lovely to see them and to be able to share them.

Cathy your other pictures are in the art gallery.


Scotts been busy with his bees….and looking after the seedlings

Noreen and Bishmilla have been baking and garden bird watching







Baking but I’m loving the t shirts Derek!







Clare’s seeds are coming along nicely…



At Northchurch the indoor strawberries are the earliest fruit we produce, so far, we have harvested around 6kg for jam making, with a few more weeks of harvest left in June before their season ends. Ray has been looking after the fruit cage, completing some diy work and ground maintenance. The gooseberry bushes are looking strong this year, so we hope for a good crop.


The jostaberries had a good prune last year so are looking like they will produce a lot of fruit this year too.



Look out for the hot weather next week and enjoy your weekend!