Welcome to the SRT blog No. 87

4th February 2022 – Welcome to our blog post No. 87

It was Chinese New Year on Tuesday – February 1st and it is the year of the water Tiger.

Tigers are aggressive, tenacious, ambitious, competitive, and strong. Tigers are also known to be generous to their loved ones

Previous ‘year of the tiger’ were 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950

Two different teams from Hemel Food Garden, baked for Chinese New Year which was on Tuesday 1st Feb this year. They, made fortune cookies and paper messages could be found inside. Plus, purrfect Tiger marble cakes!

Fortune cookies are sweet and crispy cookies that consist of a small piece of paper that carries a prophecy or message. … They often symbolize luck, fate and wisdom.

The Chinese immigrant, David Jung, who founded the Hong Kong Noodle Company while living in Los Angeles, invented the cookie in 1918.


Last Friday, the Big Birdwatch took place at Hemel Food Garden – thank you for the binocular donations – they were put to good use!


































Does this count?







Bird watcher biscuits, well deserved after all the ‘watching’








Purple team busy removing the fence posts ahead of the chicken run move.









Work began on Wednesday to turn the old potato patch into new, individual growing areas for the trainees.























Work in the bottom bubble greenhouse continued apace at Northchurch.

Sam had even been ‘helping’ out – but took an early rest with all the toing and froing going on.












The green matting went down, flat and in all the corners. before it was pegged down and the tables put back in.








The tables have been laid out – a bit like Ikea – you have to walk past them all from end to end, that way you don’t miss anything! More mypex will be placed on top of the wood on the tabletops and stapled into place.






Graham helping to get the seed sowing off to a good start. So far, they have done chard, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, courgettes and broad beans. Still loads more to come.








Charlie in with the chickens clearing them out. Lots to clear out on Mondays as they have been pooing all weekend.









Joe helping out with the straw for the bedding.








Gillian clearing a load of muck from the pond at the Bovingdon contract site. She was very good with the pitch fork.








The monthly litter pick in Tring, a huge amount of rubbish collected and recycled at the tip in Berkhamsted.















The West Herts College staff & team were over using the new wheelbarrows and clearing an area to make it level and ready for planting. Great work by the school every week.








The team have started on a new project for the Northchurch Parish Council. They are installing a disabled access self binding gravel footpath to the housing estate, plus a new seating area and garden. That will keep them busy!












The Activity Centre also took part in the RSPB Big Birdwatch last Friday. They saw a good number – including a woodpecker!








Michael H with the bug box he made.








Becca, Noreen & Annette on the monthly litter pick along the canal & Berkhamsted car parks.








Lewis, Noreen & Becca helping with the Bovingdon contract, painting the bench and edging the path.













Sophia, Roxy, Sur, Annette & Ellen & Sharon making lunch……





















…. and ‘True Love’ biscuits (named by Sophia) for the market, prior to Valentines Day.














Scott making strawberry & champagne jam for Valentine’s Day!








Noreen, Lewis & Charlotte on the market stall this week – with Lewis having prepared the lovely stall board.








True Love biscuits made with Sunnyside raspberry jam were selling 3 for £1.


Sunset over the Activity Centre Wednesday evening – beautiful!








Until next week……………….