Welcome to the SRT blog No. 84

14th January 2022 – Welcome to our blog post No. 84

Who at Sunnyside was an avid Watford supporter – not just Elton John! Take  a look at the blog for the update…


The Friday bonfire & music afternoons are becoming more popular with the HFG teams.















Who doesn’t like to recycle glass? These guys do! It’s music to their ears in Apsley.









Great news – Oliva & Adam have become engaged after 10 years together. Olivia’s new job at the café over in Leavesden, at the Harry Potter Studios, is also going well, but she is still able to come to Sunnyside once a week to do some horticultural work and occasional Saturdays in the café. Best wishes and congratulations from everyone!










At Northchurch the chicken space is having some maintenance –  sheds are being painted to protect them from the various weather’s, fixing some rotten wood and laying straw on the really muddy patches.. The guys absolute love painting and they will now do this each year to protect the buildings from the wet winters.












Free lift.


Litter picking round site, continuing to keep on top of it and keep the site nice and tidy.







The last few of the fruit trees are having wire fencing put around them to stop the sheep from nibbling at their bark.






Very handy being tall when you are with the goats as you can protect the food by holding it on your head as Taylor is doing here. Not for long – the feed trough was being cleaned  ready for a new batch of food.








The teams have been working on their paths in the perennial bed. The plan is to use some type1 and self-binding gravel to keep it looking nice and neat. This will also mean they won’t need to weed the paths, so will save some time each month!






Graham adding the homemade compost to the bed in the greenhouse – no dig method.







Out and about planting up winter bedding outside St Marys School in Northchurch.







Also, Steph keeping on top of washing the hi vis –  a daily job.










Over at the Activity Centre the teams have been digging around the lavender avenue to free it up a bit from grass & weeds. Simon, Annette, Becca and volunteer Ann well wrapped.







Then Michael, Annette, Simon and Aisha.
















This weeks theme on the market stall was based around ‘Feeding the birds’ with Becca, Noreen and volunteer Clare manning the tables yesterday – cold but sunny.














There were new, Sunnyside homemade lines – perfect this time of year and in time for the RSPB Big Bird Watch at the end of the month. Bird feeder packs, homemade willow feeders (from our own pollarded willow), and bird boxes too.

















And just before Christmas Ray was given a great send off as he retired from Sunnyside Northchurch- after – quite a few years!!!







Think he supports Watford Football Club – agghh well !

Q: What is a Hornets supporters favorite singer?
A: Sting.