Welcome to the SRT blog No. 8

12th June 2020 – Welcome to our blog post No. 8

Hello, Friday afternoon and another week has flown by………


A first from Northchurch this week. The sheep were looking a little chunky whilst wearing their fleece still but oh so slim and svelte afterwards. Matt and Nigel carried out the shear, using traditional hand shears which is safer and less stressful for the sheep. Cooler when finished as well.


Not so sure I would let them at my hair – even though it’s weeks overdue a cut!!!

With 4 four sheep there is a lot of fleece and Northchurch will be cleaning it and then coming up with ideas on what to do with it next – we will keep you up to date as it happens.


The Activity Centre is bursting with produce and Louise is still pulling the rhubarb on the allotment. Maybe this will be made into jams or chutneys but I love it as a rhubarb fool.

Here’s the recipe: 900g rhubarb sticks, washed a roughly chopped, 150g golden caster sugar, 275g Greek yogurt

Heat oven to 180o, and bake rhubarb and sugar in a large tin (it bubbles so deep is better) for 20-25mins until the rhubarb is a gooey mass. Cool. Drain juice. When cooled add to a bowl with the Greek yogurt and mix in well. Serve in glasses (serves at least 6)

Do you have any favourite recipes for rhubarb to share? Send to publicity@sunnysideruraltrust.org.uk


Graham Light has been helping Ian offsite with our continuing contract work around London Road in Berkhamsted. A very straight edge to the grass Graham!

And Joe Fielding, giving the fenced allotment a much needed water at the beginning of this week.







Mike at Hemel Food Garden has started to harvest some early crops from the allotments.

Spring onions, white and red varieties and good sized turnips have been washed and prepared ready to sell from the Sunnyside Up Farm Shop. So fresh.







No air ‘miles’ on these – just foot ‘feet’

Did you know that they also grow plants to make herbal teas?

Chamomile and Echinacea flowers will soon be ready to pick, and the first blossoming calendula. Ali also often uses these to decorate the Sunnyside made cakes.








We’ve had a few more finished artworks sent in so I have added them to the Sunnyside Tate art gallery.


*CLOSING DATE* If you haven’t yet sent yours in and named the animal you have until Tuesday midday next week 16th June. We will then be choosing the best name / best artwork to name the animals at Northchurch at the end of the month and to be announced on the blog in July. Please send to publicity@sunnysideruraltrust.org.uk

Here are the other galleries to date:






Then we are crowdfunding with Calor Gas to raise £5,000 to create a training and employment facility at our Northchurch site based around horticulture and animal care.

Click on the below link to read more and donate if you can. Any contribution large or small will be hugely appreciated. Thank you.


If you can share our FB post to friends and family that would really help and any small donation will soon add up.


Have a great weekend……