Welcome to the SRT blog No. 78

26th November 2021 – Welcome to our blog post No. 78

The Christmas decs are starting to go up…


From the Activity Centre, Roxy, Michael, Sharon, Noreen & Suvi went shopping locally for additional plants/shrubs to go into the Berkhamsted Civic Centre planters.








Nicely planted up.
















Simon & Paul cooking lunch









and wrapping more Christmas pudds







Becca with an interesting shaped sweet potato – what shape do you see?








The weekly Berkhamsted market stall with lots of Christmas goodies manned by Becca, Michael, volunteer Lynn & Noreen. So cold….well done all.








Northchurch finishing a tidy up of the new flowerbed for the formal garden are by the summerhouse. The goats were watching!







The team  decided to make a birdbath using an old tree stump that would have been difficult to remove otherwise. It’s attracted it’s first visitor!!








Chickens get the leftovers from this weeks veg box harvest that didn’t make the final cut into the bags. Since they changed their pen design last year, they have eaten all their grass, so the more green the better at this time of year.








Their overhead netting has gone up again with the announcement of avian flu back on our shores. A good clean out and disinfect of the feed bowls as well.

More hole digging ready for supports for the decking outside the eco caravan












The goats & sheep need hay everyday now so the bale shelter is now in use – also good for a quick rest up.







A team were putting up the Bovingdon Christmas Tree.









And in Kings Langley clearing a woodland path.
















One of the regular & favourite veg box customers, Robert, popped in and bought the last of the jumbo pink banana squashes and cooking apples. Apparently, he eats a whole squash a week!









Thanks Joe for carrying to the car.








And a bit of Sam love


The shop at Hemel Food Garden has started putting out their Christmas gifts and decs.






Some, went to the Christmas Fair at Parmiters last weekend and there will be a great selection at the Bovingdon Christmas Lights & Street Fayre this Sunday, but then the full selection will be available.

The green house has been emptied, deep cleaned and set up as an indoor café. Bright, lots of space, great ventilation and a unique atmosphere. Set up with the Sunnyside Up café chairs and tables that have been stored away since the start of the pandemic and now decorated with large plants and lots of bunting. There is also a great selection of houseplants on display and for sale – make super presents.











The baking team have been busy – decorating the Christmas cakes, which are now in available in the café.
















This weekends event with the Sunnyside stall and Christmas goodies, will be at the

Bovingdon Christmas Lights & Street Fayre this Sunday, 28th 4 > 7pm







until next week…..