Welcome to the SRT blog No. 77

19th November 2021 – Welcome to our blog post No. 77

One Vision Watford Charity received a ‘large’ portion of the Hogwarts cake that was made to celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter. The cake was on This Morning on Monday with Philip & Holly, see the below link.


The cake has been cut up, distributed and there is a 50 x 30 cm portion left. Sunnyside were lucky enough to receive a section at the Northchurch site yesterday via James & family!







And it’s vegan!


A whole bunch of houseplants were collected from a generous supporter by Alison and Tyler, from Hemel Food Garden……. somewhere in amongst the jungle!









Christmas gift making is well under way.

Foliage candle center pieces. Dan did a fantastic job adding a bow and a candle to finish them off.
















More Christmas dec making.








Great effort on the allotment spreading fresh compost, food for the soil life, helping us grow healthy & strong veg for next year, as well as great team work planting garlic.









Robert removing some of the lower leaves of the brussels, keeping the plant nice and healthy for a hopeful Christmas harvest.










Willow Christmas wreath making at the Activity Centre from the coppiced willow and natural decoration, all foraged and found on site.







All ready to go to the Parmiters Christmas fair this weekend.

































Making and wrapping homemade Christmas puddings.
















Berkhamsted market stall with Becca & Lynn yesterday. Selling new Christmas lines including hanging dec ‘gnome’ cones and wrapped Christmas puds, all made by trainees at the Activity Centre. There is more to come.






The team have also been working on an outside contract in Coombe Gardens. Busy week for all.








and a well earned tea break







Roxy making lunch for everyone on their return.










The Eco caravan at Northchurch now has one completed side. Doors to come.







Cats saying hello to the goats.






A kestrel nest box has been put up on the barn near the bonfire.








Bis with her new hat!








And they had their 2nd volunteer work party this week. Everyone made the most of the good weather and got a huge amount done. Great to see some new faces and enjoyed by all especially the tea and biscuits.








and after…….







Christmas yule candle log coming along nicely for this weekends’ Christmas event at Parmiters









*Parmiters School Christmas Gift Fair* Saturday 20th November, 11 to 4pm. Sunnyside will have a produce and gift stand at the fair so do pop along and see what we have been busy making specially. High Elms Lane, Garston. WD25 0UU






Until next week…..