Welcome to the SRT blog No. 7

5th June 2020 – Welcome to our blog post No. 7

As I write this this week the sun and very warm weather we have been having has disappeared behind the clouds – for now. Did we have a drop of rain in May?

I’m back to wearing my sweaters – keep warm, didn’t think I would be saying that for a few months at least!


This week we have welcomed back a few more trainees to the sites and we have been practising our social distancing.

We now need to keep 2 meters apart when working, having lunch and walking around so Michael had some help to mark out a 2 meter diameter circle, to show you how far it is, to practise. Do have a go.









The chickens have been lining up, eager to say hello, with the help of Jen.



Jam making is in full swing at the Activity Centre and they are producing a rainbow of coloured flavours, all available at the Northchurch Farmshop and Hemel Food Gardens very own Sunnyside Up Shop.







Did you know that we have also been able to offer a takeaway service from the Sunnyside Up Café. The fantastic barista coffees and freshly brewed teas can be taken away, oh and cake!




Not be left out in the rainbow of colour stakes, we are now wearing ‘team colours’ when we work. Green, yellow, fluorescent red, and blue are being used.

Easy to spot and a great new ‘fashion statement’!


Thank you all for yet more photos of what you have been doing over the last couple of weeks. Lots of you have been busy baking and eating what you have produced – making me hungry just looking at them. Keep sending them in: publicity@sunnysideruraltrust.org.uk








Take care and enjoy your weekend. See you next week!