Welcome to the SRT blog No. 69

24th September 2021 – Welcome to our blog post No. 69

Here’s an  update on our recent the events.

The ‘Great Big Green Week’ started last Saturday and Sunnyside have been taking part.

Northchurch opened up to the public for a ‘wildlife trail’ and had a steady flow of people during the 4 hours. There was really positive feedback, lots of cake eaten, teas drunk and  apple juice pressed.
















In the Berkhamsted Civic Centre we had a Sunnyside produce & plant stall set up. We were selling the specially grown ‘meadow plant mix’ to pop into a lawn or flower bed and a selection of our perennial plants.

















And at the ‘Abbots Autumn Fest’ the apple press was put to use and another Sunnyside produce & plant stall set up. A busy day, beautiful weather and lots sold.







Marc dropped by to say hello.







A ‘Big’ thank you goes out to all the teams involved.


Tim from the Activity Centre on an Outside Contract this week.






Paul & Tim crafting for the event.






Volunteer Clare and Suru on the market stall this week.





The first load of type 1 MOT delivered and dropped of for the nature trail path development which gives wheelchair access to  the fruit tree area.











Attention for the strawberries – runners potted up and moved into the polytunnel to give some extra warmth.
















The caterpillars have had a good munch on these though….










Northchurch were helping the Activity Centre with their new path build.








Another batch of apples picked from the orchard are dropped off at Chiltern Ridge to be made into our apple juice.






The team were all involved. Making a new animal shelter / hay storage space on iste.











The outside contract teams were busy at various sites this week:

At Cowroast







In Kings Langley








And at our Trustees – Bella Stuart-Smiths garden






At Hemel Food Garden, Joe was following the recipe for Lemon & Blueberry cake. Freshly picked from the orchard – plot to plate.







Tanya and her mum booked an ‘afternoon’ tea at the Apex café. Crystal & Mark produced a deliciously fluffy scone, cake and sandwiched selection.






Veg chopping for the 3 bean chilli that is one of the delicious toppings for the baked potatoes on sale in the Sunnyside Up café.








It’s time – out with the ‘old’ and in with the ‘new’. They’ve had a good innings.








Tasty gluten free bakes made by trainees in the bakery this week, including Apple flapjack’s and the blueberry & lemon cake.






Kealey is eyeing up a possible new set of earrings – which suits her best?







Until next week…..