Welcome to the SRT blog No. 66

27th August 2021 – Welcome to our blog post No. 66


Sophia and Ellen at the Activity Centre were preparing lunch yesterday.












Annette, Noreen, Rosie and volunteer Clare at the Thursday market.












Lewis weeding the new beech hedge.






Suru keeping on top of the onion patch weeding.








Annette. Noreen and Simon helping out with our contract at St. Peters Church in Berkhamsted.














At Northchurch Les and Hollie were planting up lots of red and golden beetroot ready for the shop and veg boxes.






The sunflowers outside the shop are now fully grown with lots of lovely yellow heads. They are absolutely massive.







David and Jonny doing a great job cleaning the eggs.






Graham doing a super job weeding near the chickens.






Just before Catherine went on holiday we had a special visit from Alfonso in one of their classics and everyone had a great time looking under the bonnet.






The friendly wildlife – a colourful grasshopper.








The perennial courtyard now in full flower and how much has it filled out!






New tyres for the goats – but the trainees had to try them out first!




And here they are….








The 30m dash…..avoiding the water sprays








The outside contract Hemel team working at David Lindon & Co in Apsley






Levelling the sand floor of polytunnels 3 & 4 ready for the new mypex layer to go down for the perennials. It’s almost a beach!








Soup making from Hemel Food Gardens freshly harvested potatoes and leeks. Jim adding herbs, Cathy chopping potatoes and Hannah blending the soup – a real team effort.













Chocolate chip cookies made for the trainee meeting including gluten and dairy free ones.







New Ninja accessories were bought & donated by a supporter and they have already being put to good use at the Sunnyside Up Café. They are just brilliant.








I’m off next week so the next blog will be Friday, 10th September