Welcome to the SRT blog No. 22

25th September 2020 – Welcome to our blog post No. 22

Tuesday was the Autumn equinox and already it is colder so the leaves will be changing colour. During October do take photos of the changing colours and scenery in your garden and on your walks and send them to me at: publicity@sunnysideruraltrust.org.uk as I’d love to add them to the blog. See some ideas on the right.


But at Sunnyside all in a days work…..I popped over to Hemel Food Garden on Wednesday and there was so much going on.

Mike and Tommo were replacing the piece of fencing which was taken down to investigate the pipe leak. The mains water pipe had a split in it, 6 feet underground, next to the allotment. A big hole has had to be dug to get to it and replace a section.




Here’s the remains of the muddy area that was there. The leak was running water into and in front of the polytunnel.






‘Crocus’ were over to collect their latest perennial plants order. Alison was looking after them.





Emily, Hannah, Henry and Josh have been decorating the outside of the pizza oven. Remember these were being made last week – they will need a lot so Ieva and other trainees are busy in the mess room making loads more in quite a little production line.




Very unique – no other pizza oven will look like this one!

Mind you it’s a messy job – but fun.




Spot the minions?

Guess whose behind this mask?





Kealey is making facemasks using  a variety of chicken print, washable cotton fabrics. Only another 100 to go.








Joe was mowing last week and Rebecca adding to her repertoire of cakes.

Tomorrow, 3 Counties Radio will be at the Sunnyside Up Farm shop and cafe on their Treasure Quest – do listen if you can. You’ll just need to tune your radio to the right frequency – 103.8 FM in South Beds and Herts, 95.5FM in North Beds and North Herts, 98FM in High Wycombe, and 104.5FM in Milton Keynes and North Bucks


This week’s harvest at Northchurch has all the colours of the rainbow. I can spot aubergines, rainbow chard and at least 3 types of chillies.

The feral cats are keeping an eye on the efforts of the team tidying up in the polytunnel.







And the goats have had more play things delivered to the back field – massive tractor tyres to clamber all over – they look inquisitive and interested.







Lots of work in the meadow at the Activity Centre this week clearing the excessive amount of goldenrod. Goldenrod plants provide nectar for migrating butterflies and bees, encouraging them to remain in the area and pollinate crops.











Luka is bobbing in and out of the plants litter picking in Bovingdon and Annette is weeding in Berkhamsted. That bed always looks good team!







So much cooler – out come the gloves, hats and scarves.