Welcome to the SRT blog No. 141

31st March 2023 – Welcome to our blog post No.141

2 weeks worth of news as I was away last week. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy!


Hollie, Chloe & Jonny busy washing the eggs including 2 very special ducks eggs!

Graham getting the soil ready for planting  in one of the poly tunnels. Kian, David, Roxy, Catherine, Fabris & Graham weeding & prepping the flower beds.

The front of the Northchurch office is planted with shadier loving plants and in the sun is looking great. The hellebores are 2 year old Sunnyside plants and are bulking up nicely. Matt tidied and planted some larger evergreen plants in the green roof. The birds will enjoy the view of it at least!

The turn of Bismillah & David at making bird boxes with Stuart & Roger from the Repair Shed.

Chloe made a spinach & pine nut pesto. Sean checking the batch of artichoke soup.

Team lemon back at it again working on ratios, mixing up the soil for planting up their lemon seeds! How exciting…

Graham & Jonny working  in the farm shop and adding to the wooden planter display. Handmade wooden boxes made in the craft group and for sale at the far shop open Mon to Friday 10 to 3pm. Joe, Hollie, & Denise picking flowers to plant in the wooden planters made in craft group.

Graham & Wendy out gathering daffs for the café tables. Straw delivery attended to by Jonny, Nina and Harry.

Roxy celebrated her birthday in style! With help from Bis.

Chloe & Zoe checking the inventory.

Samuel, Hollie & Joe made seed bomb gift jars for the farm shop. Greg & Simon finishing off the wooden plant support.

Lee, Sarah and Georgie collecting leaves and grass cuttings on an outside contract in Northchurch.

Joe & Charlie moving manure, supervised by Graham in the sunshine.


Graham, Becca, Sophie, Aisha, Simon and Michael T weeding on the fenced allotment on site at the Activity Centre.

Riz, Michael H & Paula talking a big, deep root. Clare with a very strong worm. Must be healthy soil!


The Activity Centre were helped out one day by a team from HSBC. Putting up the fruit cage – many hands made light work.

Sophia, Paul and Ed measuring and cooking lunch.

The last 2 weeks the market stall has been ladened with Spring delights. Adhars sunshine dance certainly helped last week!



Riz enjoying the sun next to the fruit area. The daffodils and hellebores are ablaze in the sun

Hedge cutting and allotment clearance with Simon, Noreen, Lewis, Graham and volunteer Tony.

Colour on the lawn at last.

Coombe gardens continued tidy up. Simon spots the hedgehog house and makes a path in the leaves.


Annette, Lewis and Luka enjoyed the Archery, Multiply activity at the Apex sports area.


Checking out the gazebos for the new season at Hemel Food Garden in the tranquility space.

Fabulous outside contract team at Brakespeare this week.

Andrew mowing

First batch of scones or the NGS event baked up and frozen. Fruit scones and chocolate orange!

Lots of fun had at the Apex sports morning last week where everyone had the opportunity to play some games and join the Archery competition – after some tuition and practice.


Have a great weekend….

…until next week and then it’s Easter!