Welcome to the SRT blog No. 111

8th Aug 2022 – Welcome to our blog post No.111

It’s August and still sunny and dry so lots of watering going on at all the sites.

This month’s calendar photo shows Hollie and Les harvesting and that is also in full swing at Sunnyside right now. ‘Plot to plate’ happens at all the sites and you can buy your own freshly picked produce – available from the farm shops at Hemel Food Garden and Northchurch, plus at the Berkhamsted market on a Thursday morning. If you know anyone who is interested in getting a veg box from us they can e mail vegbox@sunnysideruraltrust.org.uk for more details.


The redcurrant bushes are dripping with fruit in the cage at Hemel Food Garden. So, it’s time to get in the picking team. Afterwards weights were recorded.






















Harry saws a dead branch at Berko School and Claudia spends most of the day in this position.







Attending to the chickens is a daily task and egg collection continues. The team are also creating a chicken therapy area.







Next to the chickens is the pallet garden. Joanne is planting sunflowers and Calum carefully watering.








Buzzy beautiful….










A shade stop at the outside contract – Langley Road, with Robert, Joshua & Francis in attendance this week.










And a team at Cow Roast working on an outside contract.






The bakery team made leek and potato soup and every veggie ingredient was Sunnyside grown really plot to plate!! Super soup with accompanying delicious homemade bread. Dan turned the loaves out and served the team with aplomb.
















The Activity Centre are looking after Giant African Snails. What to name them? Contributions from all.













Just look at these amazing ‘sunny‘ sunflowers. What a fabulous display.








Spot them at this week’s market stall with Mark, Lewis and Claire.








Removal of fallen pond boards. Adhar helping to trim the woodland path over the road to the site at Sunnyside new.













Hanna making the latest birdbox in the woodshed. Now ready for the Sunnyside branding to be added.










Team effort for lunch preparation – Graham, Hanna, Clare, Simon & Michael S with Clare and Simon checking that the eggs are fresh.











Tim cooking it ready for all the team.










Judo tearing the pile of cardboard by Michael S – expert. Michael H planting on a private contract








Good luck to David who is moving away to a new job. Best wishes from all at Sunnyside!

Team goodbye. Leaving pressies from the team presented by Annette, Mark & Becca.







The veg boxes are going well. Tomatoes are now in full swing and available from the Northchurch farm shop. Also, lots of gorgeous cabbages, destined for the veg boxes and Hemel Food Garden farm shop.








The new sheep (now too large to scoop up into the arms as would happen when they first arrived). They waited patiently for Nigel to open the gate, but the old hands just cut through the flower bed! However, when the blue bucket of feed is spotted they were, all of a sudden, much more obedient – although a bit ‘pushy’ on the way over to their new space.







The ducks are residing in the stable space, so they are safe whilst growing bigger and stronger. Here taking a dip.










Daisy tidying in the courtyard perennial bed.










The wooden noticeboards for the Berkhamsted Council have been finished were installed this week by the Northchurch team. Concentration as there were lots of measurements to consider and ensuring that all is level. Looking good team














Hollie, Chloe, volunteer Gloria, Stef and Ian prepping beetroots for freezing and destined for future chutney making. Good knife work from all – Catherine made the most mess. Hopefully not too many pink fingers afterwards.








Happy pigs in the ‘wallow’









Have a great weekend….

…until next week.