Community Bakery

*Our community bakery is open*
Our new bakery at Hemel Food Garden is now open and being used by our trainees. The space was cleared and the first hammer blows made on the 1st of March, 2021. The bakery is sited in an existing building and will allow us to create new, skills for our trainees, offering therapeutic courses for our trainees, employment to vulnerable people and fresh, bread for our local area which we will sell from our farm shops. 
Linda did the honours, wearing the special chef hat to cut the ribbon with everyone watching, even though it was a bit damp. It’s brilliant that there is this fantastic, professionally finished space. One where the team will be able to bake for the shop & café and local community.
The first team donned their superb yellow Sunnyside aprons (thanks to Taylors Grandma who made these) and under the watchful eye of Tanya, rustled up the first yummy goodies which were enjoyed by all.
Thanks to everyone who has supported us and donated towards this great, new development.  Funds raised from Aviva crowdfunding last year and an amazing donation from HSBC Hemel.