Welcome to the SRT blog No. 99

29th April 2022 – Welcome to our blog post No. 99


The Northchurch team have taken on two 5 week old lambs, who had lost their mum. Lots of gorgeous photos on the right. Everyone is enjoying the therapeutic benefits of caring for them. And they are getting used to being handled – until they get too big! They are still being bottle fed.

The other animals are also very interested in the new arrivals. Spot Sam having a quick check over the stable door.


Luka and Michael helping with strimming around the Activity Centre site.








Sophia, Becca and new volunteer, Carole washing pots. Jacob watering.






Tim and Graham making flower beds, after the new path was lain, in a private garden.









Tim & Annette deadheading daffodils so they put all their energy back into the bulb rather than producing seeds. Becca also deadheading.








Simon, Graham and Michael H working at Coombe Gardens. The apple blossom survived this weeks frosts!






Tim, Jacob, Collins and volunteer Lynn on the market stall.


At Northchurch, James enjoyed watering in the polytunnel.  Jonny with his craft work.








Chloe, Wendy, Hollie, Jonny and Sylvia planting in the raised bed.







Bacon butties and hot drinks for the working team who popped into the refurbed Hub café up at the Actvity Dacorum Hub in Woodhall farm.















Building small concrete bases for new bins for Northchurch parish council.











Finishing up at the Northchurch recreation ground, after the new path and flower beds have been put in over the last few weeks.












Some more lamb photos. New names will be chosen soon.
















The café has a new use for the empty Fentimans drink bottles. Recycle, reuse, repurpose.  Now, easier for trainees to see what table to deliver the food and drink orders to when customers are busy chattering and catching up with each other. What are YOU re-using?











More jigsaw fun at break time.








It’s that time of year – weeding and edging in the tranquility space this week.






More weeding of the Dens house front garden on Wednesday.








The first colour starting to pop open in the greenhouse – this years summer bedding petunias.








The houseplant re-potting and propagating team.






Lots cooked and baked at the end of last week for St Georges Day and then on Monday for the café…. Broccoli, potato & leek soup / carrot & parsnip soup / vegan banana & chocolate loaf / vegan Lime & Coconut loaf and vegan brownies. Well that’s a list!






























Introducing the Inclusive Employment team

Afternoon everyone – hope you are all looking forward to the Bank Holiday weekend!  Some of you may have seen us already at the different sites over the past week or so.  You may be wondering who we are – “we are new to Sunnyside Rural Trust, and are working on a new project.  To help you know our names and a few of our favourite things we have put this together for you.  Any questions please ask us’’.

From left to right this is Fiona, Pat, Cam (Vlad, Cam’s Assistance Dog) and Nic.









  1. The Countryside
  2. My animals (dogs and pony)
  3. The smell of original play doh that brings back childhood memories


  1. Chinese on Fridays
  2. Dream Colored mobile II
  4. Travel all over the world especially Cyprus


  1. Very predictable and obvious, but my dog, Vlad
  2. My happy place, enjoying the speed, concentration and wind in the face sensation of snowboarding
  3. Going to places or doing things that intrigue me or tickle me at least once – e.g. visiting a town called Sandwich and visiting a sandwich shop, walking miniature donkeys, acquiring a camper van… and visiting Clacton-on-Sea and Southend just because I’ve heard of them and want to.



     Vlad (the dog)


A good run around to explore





  1. lunch is mulligatawny soup and sprouts
  2. explorer (ocean advocate) is Lewis Pugh.  Look him up and have a read.
  3. podcast is Desert Island discs – perfect combination of learning about interesting people and their collection of music.

Next week I’m on annual leave, so no blog – and then it will be the 100th!!!!