Welcome to the SRT blog No. 46 

26th March 2021 – Welcome to our blog post No. 46 

Down’s Syndrome Day is celebrated every year on 21 March. This Down Syndrome Day, people around the world were wearing odd socks to raise awareness of the cause. We celebrated with lots of colourful odd socks on all shapes and sizes of feet.  At Sunnyside we value people and work as a team and support everyone in a fair and inclusive way. 

 Gemma kindly spoke to us as well at Hemel Food Garden 

My name is Gemma and I’m 29. I live with my mum, dad and dog Wilson. I might move out one day.  

I’m at Sunnyside three days a week working with perennials, on the allotments, outside gardening contracts and waitressing in the cafe. Two days a week before Covid I went to Electric Umbrella. It’s a music group. I like to perform, sing and go on tour with them. I spend time with my grandparents. They take me shopping and to hobby craft to buy sewing bits. I like making things. Weekends are rest days. I go walking for exercise, then rest.  






Downs Syndrome makes me struggle with words and get muddled up. Some people find it hard to understand me. I try my best. I don’t like it when I’m talking to one person and another person butts in. Winds me up.  
I like listening to music, S Club 7 are my favourite. I like Westlife Shayne and 1 Direction Louis.  

My friends at Sunnyside are Dianne, Tyler, Ashley, Lucy, Mark & Nicola. We have a laugh. I like to celebrate their birthdays at Sunnyside. 

 ………thanks Gemma 


The bakery build is progressing really well at Hemel Food Garden. The stud walls are now plastered and a door installed for access to the outside. 






Lynn and Tanya were up extra early on Wednesday to drive to Uxbridge to collect donations from a commercial kitchen that was closing. They picked up some great pieces for the bakery including a very big fridge – nearly as tall as Mark, racking shelves and a stainless steel sink. Hope they had some help to get it all onto the back of the truck – superwomen otherwise! 

Olivia receiving her hamper as the winner picked out of the hat for winning the Annual Trainee Survey.

Kealey treated the café team to a new yellow bucket after the old one developed a crack and was leaking – lucky them!

There is a new fresh green smoothie now available at the Sunnyside Up Cafe. Full of goodness – spinach and dates and vegan. And they have the egg mayo sarnie back on the menu by popular demand! 






Next week it’s Easter so there are some goodies available from the shop including Perry the pig and Sherry the sheep.  








The craft team have been making some great noughts & crosses games which we will sell at the RHS Hampton Court show in July. We are making lines across all sites and everyone is getting involved.







This week there has been a huge push from the Northchurch team to get the veg prep room ready for the 7th of April, when the veg boxes start again for the yearThey have sanded, painted, tiled and painted again. 










Enjoyed by all and tiling was definitely the most fun. Also, lots of work from the very helpful volunteers. Note the building is wonky not the tiles or counter top!. 










They are super excited to have their own vegetable room for fresh harvest to be sorted, washed and bagged up ready to sell. If you would like to know more go to our website Veg box scheme & produce | Sunnyside Rural Trust 













The cats were spotted again in their absolute favourite spot – wherever the sun is shining and  warm. 

Maggie and Chloe were working in the shop and checking stock. 


The team at the Activity Centre have been collecting and storing wood in the large log storage and small log storage which is a reused bird aviary. This is in preparation for getting a log burner for the shed. 












They have been fitting chicken wire around the new Sunnyside shed, to prevent new pesky rodents gaining access. 







The team have also been busy making bonfires to get rid of the old shed walls and unfortunately the honeycomb which the pests got to. 





Digging the foundations of the polytunnel continues. A mini digger was brought in to help level the ground. Matt and Nigel came over from Northchurch to help.











The team then continued to make an access ramp at the front and back of where the polytunnel will be. 

 Jam and chutney making is in high demand and the team have been in full swing making lots of different varieties. 







Spring is well under way and popping up all over are the flowers, showing their splendid colours around the activity centre.

And we have blue tits nesting in one of our bird houses!  







Clare’s book will be available to buy in the farm shops next week. Do take a look