Welcome to the SRT blog No. 19

4th September 2020 – Welcome to our blog post No. 19

Hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday Monday – I’m still working out what day of the week it is – Friday I hope! September is upon us, have you noticed how the mornings are cooler and damp.

So much is being harvested it is hard to keep up with it all.

Plums are available in abundance and come in our weekly veg box scheme, sell in the shops and are used in the Sunnyside Up Cafe – yummy smoothie, in our homemade jams and chutneys and as puddings at the Activity Centre.

Do send in any recipes that you love to eat plums in.


Hemel are showing off all of the salad ingredients which have been grown in our very own allotments. How wicked! These will be used in sandwiches, wraps and as a side for toasties in the Sunnyside Up Café…. after a good wash and brush up!

Shshsh……don’t tell Mike that Jules is walking over the potato patch. But someone has to chase one of the new chickens who doesn’t yet know her way around and decided to take a detour around the site rather than go back into the chicken coop at the end of the day. How rude!!

The sunflowers are still reaching for the sun…… they will feed the birds over winter and have seed saved for next year.





Here is Jonny’s

Annette’s sunflower has had loads of care and attention but has only grown enough for a dolls house garden rather than her own, larger, back garden. Looks like a perfect , miniature specimen – and unique!








We have started doing cooked meals again at the Activity Centre – this week we have made stir fry, pasta bake and shepherd’s pie including ingredients grown on-site (tomatoes, courgette, runner beans, basil, parsley & lettuce). We also made a plum and apple crumble using our harvested fruits.




Here’s Sophia Lok & Michael Stilwell in the cooking group.

Luka Grace (with the apples)

We’re all ‘green’ with envy at Pete’s new look!

Social distanced team photo – nearly all our trainees are back, at some point in the week, at the Activity Centre.


Northchurch now have the large fridge in the shop, moved up from Hemel Food Garden this week. It will soon be ready to keep the fruit and veg super fresh for longer  and to have cold drinks and ‘Wobbly Bottom’ cheese.





The hens have had super productive few days – look how many eggs have been collected.


Have a great week  – until next time…