Welcome to the SRT blog No. 103

10th June 2022 – Welcome to our blog post No. 103

Hope you all had a GREAT long jubilee weekend. Thanks to all who were working – hope you had some cake somewhere!

Sunnyside teamwork came together at Hemel Old Town, in time for the Jubilee. Everything from the refurbished railings, planters with new plants, raised beds and seating. All the photos are on the right.


Getting ready for the Jubilee celebrations last week – making decorations and sun catchers.







Woodchipping the path by Laura, Charlie & Lewis.







James & Michael mowing & sweeping at an outside contract in Northchurch.







Taylor & Gillian from Northchurch, mowing at St Peters Berkhamsted.







Michael & Ian








The 2, not so young lambs (when do the become sheep?) have been moved to a new space and were introduced to the Eco caravan – loving it.


A bit more fencing needed so the team are busy adding some.
















Chloe with a parsley posey for a veg box. Fresh carrots ready for veg boxes. 17 boxes this week.







The Northchurch cafe is ready and open to customers with new indoor space and some outside. Great pallet wood finished seating and barista coffee is now available. Here’s Louis taking a break.







Oliver practicing his milk frothing technique for a super latte.









Jubilee Jumble Berry for sale in the Sunnyside Up Farm shop at Hemel Food Garden and the team all ready for the Jubilee festivities.






Aly made an amazing Jubilee coloured layered cake with suitable decorations on top for sale in the café last weekend.





The bakery whipped up a Jubilee themed cake for trainees after their quiz last week. Nearly all gone!







Garden games to celebrate!

























An unusual feathered visitor – flew through into the glass house. Buzzard and humans were all ok and Catherine did ensure he/she went to Tiggywinkles to be checked over. Mike dealt with the broken glass.
























The café team had a go at making totally unique crème egg brownies! They went in a flash. Such was the demand Joe also made a batch later this week. I’m sure they won’t last long.














Russell finishing off the Hemel, town centres refurbished wooden seats with a layer of varnish to protect the uplifting new paint work. Wow how different do they look now.






Marc is harvesting the peas he sowed back in March. They taste soooo good when just picked, they probably wouldn’t have made it to the café!?







Second planting of lettuce plantlets.







And carrot cakes for all – thanks Bakery team!







The ‘limited edition’ Jubilee Jumble Jam was made at the Activity Centre.







Luka and Neil from  the Activity Centre were on the market this week in Berkhamsted. Bursting with colour from the plants and herbs for sale. Even their hi vis jackets co-ordinate!






This week they had a special offer – buy a Sunnyside jam and get 2 free Sunnyside homemade scones free!

Becca & Kwasi were out and about on a private contract, ready with an array of lovely perennial plants. Becca and Riz busy popping them in the ground.






Making raised beds from wood donated by T Clark & co Joinery Ltd in Nettleden (they have renovated stately home windows etc at Hampton Court for instance – amazing). Thank you.







And last Saturday was Kealeys last day before she goes on her travels – back later in the year. Have fun!





Have a great weekend….

…until next week.