Building Better Opportunities & Project STRIVE

Sunnyside Rural Trust is pleased to be part of Project STRIVE.

STRIVE (an acronym for Support and Transition Routes into Volunteering and Employment) is part of the Building Better Opportunities (BBO) programme funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and the European Social Fund. It aims to tackle the root causes of poverty and unemployment, such as physical and mental health issues, homelessness, addiction and much more. It brings together public, private and voluntary organisations to create one of the biggest partnerships in the county.

The two strands of the programme are STRIVE in Hertfordshire (Barriers to Employment) and Herts Youth Futures (Young People).

All those taking part will receive dedicated one-to-one support to understand and address their barriers to learning and employment. They will be offered learning and skills opportunities available through this project helping them to move towards gaining work experience placements, volunteering opportunities or apprenticeships, employment and self-employment.

As a partner in the Building Better Opportunities project, Sunnyside Rural Trust is a key player in providing one-to-one support for those involved in the project. Sunnyside’s dedicated mentors engage directly with participants, and provide them with tailored support and guidance to overcome the challenges faced when moving towards roots of employment. By working together, they will be able to gain an understanding of their potential, and with the support of the mentor, make progress towards achieving it. This will include exploring opportunities for a range of factors including improving wellbeing, confidence building, CV writing and to support personal development.

Sunnyside Rural Trust also run a range of Engagement Activities for participants to attend whilst on the project. These activities offer a valuable opportunity to experience something new and grow in self-confidence, whilst also working towards their own unique goals in the project. Activities are tailored and designed for each participant’s specific skill set and needs, which ensures that the tutor will be able to provide effective support for each individual.

Examples of activities widely available to the participants of the project are:

  • Chicken care
  • Beekeeping
  • Catering and healthy eating courses
  • Arts and crafts
  • Café experience and till training
  • CV and interview skills workshops
  • Mindfulness and mental health management
  • Yoga

These projects offer a creative and supportive way to make changes to your life. If you would like to find out more, please contact:

Sarah Ittoo – STRIVE Mentor
07943 071352

Paula Horsnell – STRIVE Mentor
07930 748442