Inclusive Employment Project team

We have new team members who are directly involved in the Inclusive Employment project in partnership with HCC and SPS Training.

The aim is to help clients “give you the help you need to find a job, apply for it and support you in your new job.”

Fiona (Senior Employment Advisor) and Cam (Employment Advisor)

Inclusive Employment – help finding a job

An inclusive employment project, part funded by the European Social Fund, helping unemployed residents in Hertfordshire, with learning and physical disabilities, mental health issues, sensory needs and neurodiversity into employment, education or training.




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How we can help

We’ll give you the help you need to find a job, apply for it and support you in your new job. Our staff will support you to develop the confidence and skills to start employment.

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What happens when you start with us

You’ll first have an initial assessment with us.

  • If you have a sight or hearing loss, you will receive help from the Sensory Team.
  • Additional support for those who need guidance on being work ready, e.g. CV writing and interview skills

If you are ready to go straight to work, you’ll be assigned to an Employment Advisor, who will work with you to help you find work.

An employment adviser can help you by:

  • Building your confidence
  • Checking your money and benefits
  • Helping you to recognise your skills, abilities and the best job match for you
  • Writing a CV and preparing for interviews
  • Searching and applying for jobs with you
  • Setting up unpaid ‘work tasters’ with employers to help you decide what you want to do
  • Talking to employers on your behalf if needed and giving advice on disability issues
  • Getting funding for equipment and/or support in the workplace or for travel to work through the Access to Work scheme.
  • Offering support to both you and your employer to settle into the role or with any extra training or guidance you may require in the workplace.

What happens when you get a job

You’ll get a job coach who will:

  • Support you and your employer with any questions or concerns
  • Offer additional training where needed
  • Make sure everything is OK with your finances

Neurodiversity at Work

Neurodiversity at Work is a year-long project working with people for 12-26 weeks who have a neurodivergence
(Autism, ADHD, Asperger’s, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia) or are on the waiting list for a diagnosis.

The project supports people one to one, with further one to one
support through ADD-vance, the ADHD and Autism Trust.

Participants have to:

  • be 18 years and over
  • live in Hertfordshire
  • be registered with a Job Centre
  • be unemployed and claiming benefits
  • have a neurodivergence diagnosis or be on the waiting list for an assessment.

ADD-vance will be helping participants with their understanding of Neurodivergence and
the strengths, challenges and supporting with coping strategies.

The provision follows the British Association for Supported Employment, however, the outcomes are a different.

People taking part in this project will be looking for paid work, but the project has
other outcomes too, such as volunteering or work experience.

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Information for employers

We can support you in recruiting motivated and skilful staff to suit your company.
We’ll provide support to you and your new employee by:

  • assessing the skills and abilities of our candidates
  • matching them to the requirements of the job
  • offering work tasters to ensure everyone is confident that the candidate can do the job
  • giving advice on reasonable adjustments, disability issues and grants and funds available.

Who is eligible

Step2Skills Inclusive Employment team can accept both direct
applications or referrals, if the prospective participant meets the following criteria:

  • is 18 years old or over
  • has a learning or physical disability, mental health issues, sensory needs or is neurodiverse.
  • Is unemployed or economically inactive.

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There will be more news on the teams work as they develop the project.