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You can adopt one of our rescued animals for just £15. Your money will go towards looking after one of our 4 sheep, goats or pigs that live at our re-developed Northchurch site. To adopt an animal, all you need do is send your contact details to and let us know which of the animals you would like your donation to go towards. You will receive your own personalised certificate.

Our sheep’s story……

Clara and her three friends used to live at The Box Moor Trust but because the ladies were unable to lamb again they were due to go to slaughter. These Norfolk Horn ladies were the first animals to join the new site and their hen friends. They are very sociable, like wildflowers and watching the bees. They help us graze the different fields and use the Anderson Shelter when visiting the first space as you come into the site. They are sheared by hand in the spring and the wool will be used in projects with the trainees.

Meet Goldie, Suzie, Ratchet and Clara

Our goat’s story……

Gustav and her 3 Saanen goat friends came from an over grounded petting zoo. They are very friendly and always run across the field to come and say hi. Gustav is adventurous & loves orienteering over the pallet mountain and tyres. She loves being brushed, daily by the trainees & eating grass.

Meet Gustav, Merlin, Ben and Valentine.

Our pig’s story……

Purdy and her 3 potbellied siblings were due to go to slaughter.  Since arriving at Sunnyside Rural Trust they have instantly made over 448 new friends (300 hens, 140 trainees, 4 goats & 4 sheep!)

Purdy spends most of her time snoozing and searching for food! She loves eating Sunnyside apples and rolling in the mud pond! They live next to the mess room and use the stables at night.

Meet Rocky-Waddles, Yenta, Tucci- Pigstar and Purdy

Our Northchurch site will be running animal therapeutic courses for a wide audience, to help people manage their wellbeing and open up opportunities. The new development at the site is centred around a new stable block and courtyard and houses a small number of our rescued animals. This means that our trainees can benefit from the therapeutic nature of working with animals; and allows us to sustainably manage the land in line with Sunnyside Rural Trust’s environmental principles. We foresee that the introduction of the animals will encourage the public to our site and to visit the new farm shop.

There are so many benefits, to all, of working with the animals that we work with and the therapeutic nature that they bring.