Adopt a chicken

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*Adopting a chicken makes a fun & unique present*

You can adopt one of our chickens for just £3 per month. Your money will go towards looking after our rescue chickens who were once laying eggs for commercial reasons, but are now rejected by farmers. Instead of being sold for cheap meat, we look after them at our sites, ensuring they have a healthy, natural environment. To adopt a chicken, all you need to do is pick a name for your chicken and send your contact details to You will receive your own personalised certificate.

Our chicken story

We have 350 rescue chickens at our Northchurch site. They have all come via the RSPCA or from local farmers who no longer want them because they are not commercially productive. This means that the hens can no longer lay an egg every day, but more like every other day. At Sunnyside, they are encouraged to live a natural cycle: they range freely in an orchard, they’re fed with corn, grit and oyster shells (for stronger eggshells), they drink rainwater and during the winter they are allowed to have a natural moult (meaning they are not forcibly lit or heated). Laying fewer eggs takes the pressure off their bodies, helping them live healthier and happier.

The well-being of our chickens is felt by the trainees who look after them. Studies have proven that looking after chickens can be very good for your mental health, something we have observed with our trainees. A daily routine that includes collecting eggs, cleaning, feeding and stroking, provides trainees with a purpose and responsibility, as well as a sense of achievement.